Shaping the future

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Shaping the future

As the new year starts we find ourselves with the usual reflections of what 2018 might hold for us.

We live in a world where change is common place whether that be in our home lives or in our professional work. Whether we like to admit it or not most of us generally resist change because we prefer to be comfortable, but we need to learn to harness change, go beyond our comfort zones and use it to our advantage. As quantity surveyors the landscape of the profession has changed dramiatically with the continued development of BIM and technology. From how things have progressed and continue to do so, the use of cut and shuffle and other techniques of the quantity surveyor of the past seem long gone with the use of information technology continue being the at the forefront of the changing landscape through integrated cost management systems and the like. We should be mindful of not losing the skills of the past but integrate them into the skills of the present and future. This is not a new concept but one we should remind ourselves of from time to time. This provides us, as a quantity suveying profession, an opportunity enhance the professional service we offer to our clients with greater accuracy, added value and adapting the skills and techniques of the past to integrate them in the current techniques to provide a continued improved service to our clients.

As a profession we seem to be slow to accept and implement change that if harnessed in an enthusatic way could help us provide improved and better value service to our clients, and with that we need to harness the current skills of the next generation to further enhance the profession.

We need to engage with the current younger generations who are just starting to consider their future in a profession to show how rewarding and exciting the construction industry can be. With the governments trailblazer initiative and the RICS’s two new routes into the profession through appreticeships this provides us as a profession the perfect opportunity to deliver the training, support and engagement of the next generation.

There are many positives that a career in quantity surveying can provide and we need to shout about that from the rootops to inspire the next gerneration of quantity surveyor. We need to show that with the change currently being experienced in our profession it is the perfect opportuity to shape quantity surveying for the future and encourage development by being strong advocates for mentoring and supporting the professional development of the next generation.

Our pipeline here at Glovers Project Services for 2018 is an exciting one with a number of interesting, challenging but what will be rewarding projects to change the landscape of the built environment for the foreseeable future, and continue to be at the forefront of shaping our profession.

If you require any assistance for new and current projects Glovers Project Services offers a varied offering including project management, quantity surveying, dispute resolution, expert witness and building surveying services nationwide. Drop us a line via our contacts page to discuss any opportunities further.