Expert Witness

Glovers has a number of practising expert witnesses all of whom maintain ‘hands-on’ experience of live jobs so their opinions are both practical and up-to-date. Expert appointments vary widely from low-value domestic disputes concerning workmanship issues to complex ¬£multimillion and multiparty matters.

Glovers can act as both quantum and delay expert in a wide variety of sectors and has received several appointments as Single Joint Expert either at the recommendation of the Court or by the agreement of the parties.

Our Building Surveying department also provides expert witness services on a number of disputes including dilapidation claims, defective works claims, boundary disputes and party wall matters instructed either by solicitors or directly by the client.

Our expert witnesses are:

David Baldwin РQuantum 

Glovers’ Managing Director, David is a highly respected expert witness with over 35 years experience in the construction industry both nationally and internationally. He has prepared reports and given evidence on numerous joint and single expert appointments on a wide variety of issues associated with quantity surveying.

His detailed working knowledge, his courtroom experience and a commitment to maintaining hands-on experience means David is recommended time and again for expert appointments of all descriptions. He has particular experience in the power and process sectors and his construction knowledge led to his appointment as quantum expert in a $60million international arbitration.

David’s ability to see things from a different angle means often his reports lead to a settlement of the case.

Mary Cross – Delay/Programme

Mary acts as Case Manager for all Glovers’ expert appointments and has over 19 years experience in the industry providing expert witness and arbitration support on high value complex disputes. Mary is extremely familiar with the whole range of standard form contracts and has particular experience in EOT and L&E claims.

She is has been appointed as a delay expert in claims involving PowerProject, Microsoft Project and P6. Mary’s experience means she is able to forensically analyse large volumes of data quickly and effectively whilst remaining focussed on the core issues. Her dual qualifications in construction and law ensure she is an invaluable member of any dispute team.

Nick White – Building Surveying

Nick heads up the Building Surveying team for Glovers and provides expert reports on a regular basis. These range from a simple report on workmanship to full Part 35 reports including valuation of remedial works, schedule of dilapidations, party wall matters, boundary disputes and damp problems.

Nick’s day-to-day involvement with Building Regulations and Planning Permission applications means he can also give expert opinion on matters arising out of these procedures. He has been commended by instructing solicitors for his attention to detail and his ability to explain construction issues in plain English.

Expert CV’s

Email our Director of Contract Services, Mary Cross if you require the CV’s of any of our expert witnesses. We always welcome the opportunity for our experts to attend a beauty parade and we have often provided key insight to the dispute during this process.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

Glovers is able to provide its full range of construction support services as part of a larger team and has worked with legal teams and other expert teams on numerous large value matters including international arbitrations and TCC actions.

All our litigation support team have qualifications in both construction and law which means they are well versed in the procedure and standards required in proceedings. Glovers can remeasure and value accounts, evaluate variations and assess extension of time and loss & expense entitlement for either claimant or defendant. We have provided our expertise to legal teams on a wide variety of construction projects including:

Power plants and utilities
Petrochemical and process plants