Time is Precious

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Time is Precious

A recent study of client satisfaction by Glenigan found that only 4 out of 10 construction projects finished on time. With advancements in technology such as BIM one would expect performance on site to have improved over the years but it is still almost expected that a job will overrun.

As an expert witness in delay claims I see first-hand the ramifications of when a project goes wrong.  Claim costs can mount up quickly and the damage to reputation can sometimes be irreversible.

There are several common reasons for projects being delayed:

  • skimping on upfront design and consultant fees
  • an unrealistic programme from the outset
  • poor relationships between client, contractor and subcontractors on site
  • ineffective site management
  • a desire to pass all risk to the contractor

So how can the team work together to ensure the project is delivered on time?

  • Start with a fully logic linked programme which factors in time risks
  • Keep accurate records of progress and update the programme regularly
  • Communicate potential issues at an early stage so their impact can be mitigated
  • Embrace BIM technology so potential clashes are ironed out before ground is broken

These steps might not eradicate delays but they will place you in a much better position to deal with them as they arise and minimise their impact on the programme.

It’s in everyone’s interests to get the project finished on time because nowhere is it truer than in construction that time is precious.

Mary Cross, Director of Contract Services