Building Surveying- HSBC External Inspections

Project: HSBC External Inspections – Building Surveying

Client Name: Carillion Facilities Management

Services: Building Surveying

Project Brief:

Glovers undertook a programme of external inspections of HSBC’s Northern Region property portfolio.

Project Outcome:

Glovers had to devise a strategy for the inspection of over 400 properties followed by the preparation of a bespoke written report on each property detailing the condition of the external fabric of the building and a forward maintenance plan detailing and costing repairs for the next 50 years.  The timetable for this programme was extremely tight and Glovers carried out all inspections and delivered the reports in accordance with the deadline.

This project required  a high degree of surveyor experience, as no two properties were the same, along with  dedicated project co-ordination to ensure a consistent quality of report delivered on time.

The expertise gained by Glovers on this project is easily transferrable to any large-scale stock condition or asset management survey programme.

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