Contract Services and Dispute Resolution

Glovers are able to provide a full range of contract and dispute resolution services. We understand that clients would prefer to avoid disputes and we encourage this by providing strategic advice during a project.  Sometimes that’s not enough and Glovers have the skills and experience to achieve a final resolution of your dispute.

Contract Services

It’s much better to know what your getting into at the start of a project and Glovers can review your construction contracts and advise on potential pitfalls and onerous provisions.  It might be that you need your own standard terms and conditions of business and we are able to draft these provisions to suit your organisation’s needs. Problems might still arise during your projects and we can offer contractual and commercial advice on the appropriate steps to take to minimise your risk and get the project to completion.

Glovers offers a full range of seminars and briefings to help train and inform your organisation.  Seminar topics include contract administration, adjudication and risk management.  See our Seminars and Training for the full range of seminars available.

Dispute Resolution

Even with the best procedures in place, the complexity of construction projects, both in building techniques and contractual relationships, means that sometimes things go awry. When that happens, we have a full dispute resolution service covering everything from adjudication and mediation to litigation and arbitration support. We’re often called upon to take the role of expert witness in legal matters and our team has experience in providing expert evidence for a number of high profile £multimillion cases.

Every member of the dispute resolution team have qualifications in law and surveying so you will receive contractually sound advice which remains practical and focussed on achieving the best resolution for your organisation.

We offer a free initial consultation and will always provide an upfront estimate of cost before commencing any work and keep you informed if this is likely to change.

Go to our Projects page for some examples of the types of appointments we have recently undertaken.

Further Information

If you require more information on any of these services fill in our enquiry form or contact David Baldwin